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Rudy Calpo, Senior Principal of CHD Architects in Sacramento, has been practicing architecture in the area since 1975, and practicing his passion for photography since even earlier, flying reconnaissance photo missions in Vietnam for the U.S. Army.  He is an architect by trade while an artist by nature, with  accomplishments in watercolors and freehand drawing that bring a sense of color, light, and play to his photographs, along with his  architect’s eye that takes the camera to unique angles.

Rudy’s international travels have taken him through China, France, Italy, the Caribbean, Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, Spain, Morocco, the Yucatan and Cuba, yet coming home to California he finds his work equally intriguing in capturing the feel and character of the Sacramento Region.

Rudy’s accolades include AIA obscura photo competition  First Place and two honorable mentions (2012), hawaii Magazine Photo of the Year and two second place awards (2010) and first place award (2012), California Fine Arts Photographic Award (2009), and his iconic “Old and New” photograph that was used as the poster and commemorative program cover for the grand opening of the Crocker Museum Addition (2010).

Rudy and his wife Janice live in Curtis Park, an historic and very “neighborly” neighborhood just south of downtown Sacramento, CA.

Obviously, they love to travel.

Janice does most of the planning and Rudy does most of the photo-documentation.

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