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Rudy Calpo is an architect by trade and artist by nature.

Accomplished in watercolors and freehand drawing, he brings a sense of color, light, and composition to his photographs, as well as an eye for angles that comes from his design sense as an architect.  

A long-time Sacramento resident, he travels to capture the character of places near and far, especially his great home town and region, but the world is, indeed, his pallet.

Rudy invites you to explore his Photo Galleries, listed above on the right.

Please check back, as the Galleries will be expanded.

News & Events

Old Soul

We will be showing at Old Soul on November 10th, Second Saturday.

Please join us there.

Recent Showings


Professionally produced signed prints are available for most of Rudy’s photo shoots.

Use the Contact Page for more information.

Sacramento chapter of CSI

“Cuban Architecture of Yesterday, Today and the old haunts of Hemingway” by AIA member, Rudy Calpo.

The exhibit will feature an amazing collection of images from Cuba where Rudy and his wife stayed for two weeks traveling to five cities including Old Havana where they ventured to some of Ernest Hemingway’s old haunts: La Bodeguita del Medio and La Floridita.

“Most of  the historical Spanish Colonial buildings are deteriorating in the state of arrested decay and also creating a certain patina you cannot find anywhere else.

And the 40’s – 50’s cars still dominating the streets with amazement.   They rebuild and maintain their own parts – boggles the mind.” says Rudy.



NOVEMBER 10TH, (6 - 9 pm)   

1716  L STREET (Rear Alley)